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Merino Possum Knitwear

Pauanesia's 2015 knitted Merino / Possum Wairua Collection

YARN 50% merino, 40% Possum, 10% nylon. This yarn combination has a wonderfully soft, incredibly warm but very light garment to wear. The nylon ensures the yarn has a memory to return to its initial shape when washed.

Knitted here in New Zealand especially for us; our 2015 collection includes a new design and a fresh pallet to co-ordinate with winter fashion and cosy home style.

Wairua is the Maori word for 'spirit or 'soul. It is a Maori belief that the spirits of ancestors roam the landscape of Aotearoa and are all around us: they are present in our mountains, our bush and our lakes and beaches. This belief and the colours and patterns of our landscape have inspired our Wairua Knit collection.

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