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Tivaevae Tivaivai

The applique, embroidery and crochet skills introduced into the Cook Islands by members of the London Missionary Society were the start in the development of hand-stitched Tivaevae. The application of these skills has evolved to create two-colour (Manu) and multi-coloured coverlet.

Tivaevae  can be made by a single sewer or a fellowship of woman who work together under the direction of a design leader. Most of the Tivaevae Mamas are now in their 50's to 70's. It is anticipated that in the future less Tivaevae will be made as it requires skills  and a lot of time that younger generations do not have.

Pauanesia has had the opportunity to purchase and sell Tivaevae sourced from Cook Island Mamas living in the Cooks and in New Zealand. Tivaevae are generally not made for commercial purposes and we are offered them when the makers are fund-raising for the churches or local communities.

cat tivaevae

   Tivaevae Manu

   tivaevae manu
Tivaevae Ta Tura

tivaevae tatura





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